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The Araucana

The Standard Araucana

Large Fowl

Origin; Chile

Classification; Light, Soft Feather

Egg Colour; Blue


The original Araucana breed of chicken were reportedly first seen in Chile by the Spaniards.  The Araucana breed standard  in the British Isles is generally as envisaged by George Malcom who created the true-breeding Lavender Araucana, among other colours in Scotland in the 1930's.

Araucanas are prolific layers of strong-shelled eggs. These are unique in that their colour permeates throughout the shell.



Carriage: Alert and active

Type: Body long and deep, free from heaviness.  Firm in handling.  Back moderately long, horizontal.  Wings large and strong.  Tail well developed with full sickles carried at an angle of 45o.

Head: Moderately small.  Beak strong and stout.  Eyes Bold.  Comb small pea.  Face covered with thick muffling and ear muffs abundant.  Crest compact, carried well back from the eyes.  Ear lobes moderately small and concealed by muffling.  Wattles absent.

Neck: Of medium length abundantly furnished with hackle feathers

Legs and Feet: Medium length, strong and well apart.  Shanks free from feathers.  Toes, four straight and well spread.

Leg colour: Slate, olive or willow


The general characteristics are similar to those of the male allowing for the natural sexual differences.  Comb Pea


Lavender Colour:

Male and Female plumage:  An even shade of grey-blue throughout.

Black Colour: 

Male and Female plumage:  An even shade of black throughout, with a beetle-green sheen.