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Manchurian (Golden) Quail

We breed Manchurian Golden Quail, more commonly known as Italian Quail.  They lay incredibly well, and after starting to lay at about 7 weeks of age, they keep going!  They lay an egg every day (sometimes up to 3 each a day!), only slowing down in winter.  These birds are not very good sitters, so I would not recommend letting them hatch their own eggs.  Luckily, they rarely go broody, so this is not generally a problem.
Manchurian Quail are part of the Old World Quail, and so take the Family name Phasianidae, the Genus Coturnix, and the Species coturnix.
Quail are generally easy to keep.  Some people prefer to let them have an aviary, and mix them with budgies and canaries, but I keep them in a rabbit hutch.  They have lots of floor space, and my hutch is tall so they are able to jump and not hit their heads!
Quail are fairly flighty, and so it is advised not to let them roam free round the garden- also they will fit out of any available hole and go exploring.