Welcome to Georgina's Araucanas

Breeding Black and Lavender Araucanas (LF & B), White Wyandottes (B) and Manchurian Golden Quail in Essex

Welcome to our little family run chicken breeding business.  We are interested in the correct breeding, caring, and sale of both exhibition stock and garden poultry.  Whether it is day old chicks you are looking for, growers, or point of lay pullets, we can provide you with excellent birds, which follow the correct standard of the breed. 

Our Araucana hens are bred for their egg colour and laying abilities.  They all lay beautiful blue eggs, and lay around 280 eggs per year. 

The White Wyandottes are a real show breed, doing brilliantly at the shows, both locally and nationally.

Our quail lay many eggs, that are available for eating or hatching.




Whether you are interested in keeping chickens in the back garden to give a regular supply of fresh eggs or want to breed your own exhibition stock to show, we have chickens for sale to suit you. If you are interested in keeping poultry you can contact us with any question you may have. We hope you have as much pleasure in our chickens as we do!