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National Poultry Show 2011, Warwickshire
(November 17th/18th 2012)
The National has got to be my favourite show.  It is the biggest, and you meet so many people! I was lucky enough to be asked to steward for the judge of the Araucanas, which helped me to learn more about them.  I was able to ask questions, and handle all the birds with the judge.  Not only did I do this, but I also took my first judging test-eggs.  It consisted of a written paper, and a practical part where I had to talk through some eggs with a qualified judge, and give my reasons for placing them as I did.
I am please to say I passed, with an overall score of 85.5%, and I now am a panel C judge!
I was also thrilled with the result that I got; Frank, my white wyandotte cockerel got 3rd out of 13! It is said that you should be pleased just to get a card at the national, no matter what place, as they are hard to get!
So, results:
   Place (out of):
 Bird: White Wyandotte YM 3rd (13)

Colchester Poultry Club Autumn Open Show 2012
(20th October)
In this show, just 1 week after the S&E show, I entered the same 3 birds.  And what can change in a week! The wyandottes put on much more muscle, and developed a better shape, and it showed in the results!

   Place (out of)
 Birds: Hamburgh P1st (1)
  Wyandotte YM 1st (3)
  Wyandotte P 2nd (3)

Suffolk and Essex Autumn Open Show 2012
(13th October)
I was given 6 white wyandotte bantam eggs at an exhibition by Phil Fawcett, which I put under a broody hen for her to hatch out.  I got 3 from them; 2 boys and a girl.  Phil hadn't had much luck with the bantams this year, and so we wern't expecting much from these eggs.  However, when I took the best boy (Frank) and the girl (Tullulah) to the show, Phil was very excited, because he said they were both pretty good.  I know who I'll be taking to the National this year! They've just got to get a little bigger first: that's why they were beaten in this show, the opposition was a little older and more mature.
   Place (out of)
 Birds: Hamburgh P1st (1) Best Hamburg in Show 
  Wyandotte YM 2nd (3)
  Wyandotte P 2nd (4)

Tendring Hundred Show 2012
(Colchester Poultry Club) (14th July)
   Place (out of):
 Birds: Hamburgh F 1st (2)
 Eggs: Bantam Cream/White 1st (7)
  Juvenile LF/B contents 1st (2)
  1 LF Araucana 1st (4)
  1 LF Araucana 2nd (4)
  Juvenile LF/B 2nd (4)

Colchester Poultry Club Egg Show 2012
Colchester poultry club run a show around Easter every year specially for eggs, so there are no birds there.  They also hold their AGM on the same day.  I entered this show, and I did incredibly well, coming out with the Best Juvenile eggs cup, Best Single egg cup and Reserve Show Champion with an Araucana egg, for which I got a huge rosette!  I was thrilled-and I even had my photo in the local newspaper!

  Place (out of)
 Eggs: LF Blue 1st (6) Res. Show Champion
  Juvenile Single LF/B 1st (6) Best Juv., best LF egg
  1 LF/1B 2 distinct colours 1st (6) Best 1LF/1B
  LF Dark Brown 2nd (15)
  AOC LF 2nd (3)
  Juvenile Contents 2nd (4)
  AOC LF 3rd (3)
  Juvenile contents 3rd (4)

Colchester Poultry Club Spring Open
(March 3rd)
 Now that the Hamburghs were at full size, I thought it was the perfect time to show the two girls again.  One of them did brilliantly, coming 2nd to one of John's Cockerels out of 5 birds entered.  I shall be breeding from this girl, and the other is just to keep as she lays lovely eggs.  Hopefully, later in the year at the Tendring Hudred Show, I will take lots of eggs!
 Birds: Araucana F 1st
  Araucana F 2nd
  Hamburgh F 2nd
Suffolk and Essex New Year Open Show 2012
(January 21st)
 So, I've had a complete year of showing, and what a huge amount I've learnt!  Now, not only do I have Araucanas to breed and show, but I have begun with Silver Spangled Hamburghs too!
  Breed Place
 Birds:Araucana F1st
 Araucana F2nd
 Araucana F3rd 
 Hamburgh F3rd
 Eggs:Single LF AOC 2nd
 Contents LF 1st
 Juvenile Contents 1st
 Juvenile LF AC 1st
West Essex Bantam Club Spring Show 2012 
(January 14th)
This was the first time that I have shown at West Essex, but it was wonderful!  There were fewer birds than at other shows, but this was to be expected as only bantam birds were present.  I had got some Hamburgh hatching eggs from John Pummell, and I took along the two girls I got from those eggs.  They did very well, considering they were still slightly young being only 5 and a half months old, but more is to be expected from them in the future!
   Place (out of)
 Birds: Hamburgh F 2nd (5)
  Hamburgh F 3rd (5)