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National Poultry Show 2013
(16-17th November)
What a wonderful end to the year! I was stuck between two Wyandotte cockerels - they both looked fabulous, so I prepared them both and took both of them to the national so I could decide on the day which one to show. I'm confident I now have a fabulous bird to breed from next year!

   Place (out of)
 Birds: White Wyandotte YM 2nd (12)
Colchester Poultry Club Autumn Show 2013
(26th October)
As with the S+E show a couple of weeks previously, I still had few birds to show

   Place (out of)
 Birds: Hamburgh P 1st (2)
  Hamburgh P 2nd (2)
  Lavender Araucana P 3rd (4)

Suffolk and Essex Poultry Club Autumn Open and Youngstock 2013
(12th October)
Having lost so many birds earlier in the year, I only had a few to select from. Nevertheless, they still did well!

       Place (out of)
 Birds: White Wyandotte M 1st (2)
  White Wyandotte YM (young male) 1st (2)
  White Wyandotte YM 2nd (2)
  White Wyandotte P 1st (3)
  Lavender Araucana P 1st (1)
  Hamburgh P         1st (5) + Best Hamburgh
  Hamburgh P 2nd (5)

Colchester Poultry Club Egg Show 2013
(21st April)
After such a horrible winter, the girls weren't laying many eggs, so I didn't have much to take unfortunately
   Place (out of)
 Eggs: LF AOC 1st (4)
  Bantam Contents 2nd (9)
  Bantam Cream 3rd (8)

West Essex Bantam Club Spring Show 2013
(12th January)
The two wyandottes were looking really good for this show, and it was close between Frank and another breed to get best SF Bantam. Unfortunately, he was beaten to the spot by a very nice German Langshan, which went on to become Show Champion.
 Birds: White Wyandotte M 1st
  White Wyandotte F 1st
  Hamburgh M 1st
  Hamburgh F  1st
  Hamburgh F 3rd
 Eggs: 1 LF cream/tinted 2nd
  1 LF AOC 2nd
  LF contents 3rd