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National Poultry show 2014
(15-16th November)
Another fantastic national! This was the first show for my young black pullets, and one of them did incredibly well. I can't wait to see what chicks I get from them next year!

   Place (out of)
 Birds: Black Araucana pullet 4th (10)

West Essex Bantam Club Autumn Show 2014
(4th October)
After a late breeding season due to not getting eggs until it started to dry, I didn't have much to show this early on in the showing season
   Place (out of)
 Birds: White Wyandotte M 3rd (4)

Colchester Poultry Club Egg Show 2014
(12th April)

   Place (out of)
 Eggs: Single white bantam egg 3rd (10)
  3 distinct colours large fowl 3rd (5)
  1LF + 1B two colours 3rd (9)
  Contents LF 3rd (11)

Colchester Poultry Club Spring Open 2014
(1st March)
The rain continued, and so I still didn't have much to show. Plus by this time, my Araucanas were in the breeding pens
   Place (out of)
 Birds: White Wyandotte M 1st (4)

Suffolk and Essex Spring Open 2014
(18th January)

   Place (out of)
 Birds: Black Arucana M 1st (1)
  Black Araucana F 1st (3) + Best soft feather large fowl
  Black Araucana F 3rd (3)
  White Wyandotte M 1st (1)
  Hamburgh F         1st (6) + Best Hamburgh
  Hamburgh F 3rd (6)

West Essex Bantam Club Spring Show 2014
(11th January)
During the long, wet winter it was difficult to get the motivation to make it to the first show, but somehow I managed it!

   Place (out of)
 Birds: White Wyandotte M 1st (1)
  White Wyandotte F 3rd (3)
  Hamburgh F         3rd (4)